A Database Designed for Crisis Management

Black Swan Solutions proprietary database, Disaster Management Information System (DIMS), was developed based on more than 30 years experience in responding to crises and integrating lessons learned from those crisis events. DIMS combines four critical emergency management components including:

  • Emergency alerts, including accounting for people
  • Incident management
  • Day-to-day messaging
  • Victim, family and responder database

Accounting For People

Accounting for employees is critical to response crisis management. Black Swan Solutions provides high tech, simple ways for organizations to account for people in real time.

Incident Management/Virtual Command Center

Our virtual command center and incident management tools will help your organization track and report key information during a crisis.

Day-To-Day and Emergency Messaging

Our messaging system provides an accessible, convenient way to share information during a crisis event or for day-to-day alerts.

Team and Responder Management

Managing your team and responders during a crisis event is critical.  Our unique program provides an easy way for you to manage these important roles.

Victim And Family Database

During a crisis, families and friends of affected individuals will be anxious for information about their loved ones.  Our system provides a way to track the status of affected individuals so that you can report information quickly and accurately.