Black Swan Solutions has 20 years of experience assisting numerous transportation carriers in developing crisis response plans, providing resources and tools necessary to respond to a crisis, and training and testing for a crisis situation.

There are currently two industries, commercial aviation and interstate rail, that are legislatively mandated to develop and submit crisis response plans describing how the organization will disseminate information and provide assistance to victims and families in the aftermath of an accident.

Commuter rail, buses, ferries and cruise ships are not required under a regulatory authority to develop crisis response plans; however, they share many similarities with airlines that make it beneficial for them to comply without being required to do so. Historically, a post-crisis observation within the transportation industry shows the tendency for the public and media to assign blame to the carrier and/or the operating personnel, as well as the likelihood of extensive media coverage of the incident. The carrier will be in the media spotlight for days if not weeks. The victim families must also endure the public nature of their private loss.

Victim families’ expectations will also be similar. At the time of an accident, families will assume that the carrier has a plan in place to appropriately respond. They will expect transparency from the carrier and will demand expedient and accurate information.

Black Swan Solutions principals pioneered a program model in which behavioral health services are integrated with commercial airlines’ plans, providing both victim families and employees appropriate support in the aftermath of an accident. This same model is readily applicable to other types of transportation accidents and includes Black Swan Solutions establishing and maintaining:

  • A toll-free inquiry number for each carrier that will be activated in the event of an accident
  • A standby 24/7 Crisis Call Center that can be made available within one 1 hour and hosts between 2 and 200+ seats
  • A robust , state of the art voice and data infrastructure to support Crisis Call Center operations
  • A robust staff of masters prepared behavioral health professionals specifically trained in responding to mass casualty events to staff the Crisis Call Center
  • A network of masters prepared crisis response professionals across North America and as necessary, in 60 countries abroad, to provide face to face services for victim families in representing the affected carrier at:
    • hospitals
    • victim families’ homes
  • A Family Assistance Center – a hotel in/near the accident city in which families can:
    • Gather together
    • Receive information and support for the carrier
    • Obtain briefings from investigative authorities
    • Participate in the victim identification process with the local medical examiner or coroner

Developing an accident response plan that focuses on effectively disseminating information, communicating with all stakeholders and addressing victims’ and families’ needs in the aftermath of an accident simply makes good business sense. Black Swan Solutions has the experience to assist transportation organizations in developing and maintaining best practice plans.