Despite enhanced school security, school shootings continue at an alarming rate. In fact, the number of school shootings in 2013 was higher than the combined number in 2011 and 2012.

Black Swan Solutions has extensive experience working with schools, K-12, as well as colleges and universities. We currently provide crisis response services to more than 1,200 educational institutions.

Based on our extensive experience responding to catastrophic events, we know that if a crisis occurs on campus, the institution can anticipate that:

  • There will be a significant number of inquiries from friends and family of students/staff/faculty, media, alumni and other stakeholders.
  • Families will assume that the institution has emergency plans in place to quickly and accurately account for the well being and location of their loved ones.
  • There may be widespread telecommunication outages in the area. As a result, families will be unable to contact their loved ones and vice versa. This disruption may persist for several hours and create heightened anxiety for those seeking information.
  • Being perceived as ill-prepared and/or non-caring by the people most affected by the crisis may have adverse effects on organizational reputation and may create potential liabilities.

Black Swan Solutions understands the unique needs of educational institutions and has developed a portfolio of effective, user friendly, high tech and high touch services that help our clients effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of crisis event. These are available 24/7/365 nationwide and include:

  • Anonymous threat report hotline
  • High volume call center staffed by masters prepared behavioral health professionals to process inquiries from:
    • Those who believe they may know someone affected by the crisis
    • Those seeking additional information due to mass notification messaging sent by the institution
    • Media
    • Faculty/staff of the institution
    • Other callers
  • Proprietary crisis data management application
  • Electronic notification and messaging system
  • A system to account for students, staff and faculty
  • Assistance and support for victims and their families
  • Crisis counseling and debriefings for faculty/staff and their family members