Black Swan Solutions can uniquely partner with insurance carriers and brokerage firms to provide crisis preparedness and response services that can mitigate risk, provide additional value to their clients and enhance overall client retention rates.

Our services can be provided to the organizational policyholder as paid for by the insurer or at a discounted rate as a client of the insurance carrier or broker.

Black Swan Solution’s services are a valuable, yet often overlooked component of crisis planning and response. Our experience has proven that organizations are faced with four major needs during a crisis:

  1. Quickly notifying employees, customers, and business partners of the crisis.
  2. Updating employees, customers, and business partners as the response unfolds.
  3. Responding to the potential high volume of telephone inquiries generated by employees, their families, customers, business partners, elected officials, the media and stakeholders.
  4. Processing and vetting information from various sources so that timely and accurate information can be distributed to all stakeholders.

Without the capacity to address these needs, organizations risk image and reputation damage, as well as potential compliance issues. The risk to reputation may not be the crisis itself, but the way in which the organization handles the crisis.

Our high tech and high touch services performed by credentialed, masters prepared behavioral health professionals with experience in responding to crises include:

  • Activation of a high volume crisis call center – operational in less than 60 minutes
  • A proprietary crisis data management application
  • An electronic notification and messaging system
  • Implementation of a system to account for employees and visitors
  • Support and logistical assistance for victims and families
  • Crisis counseling and group debriefings for employees

Partnering with Black Swan Solutions provides insurers with a specialized service package to address reputational risk while also offering policyholders valuable turnkey services of the highest quality.