Financial institutions face a unique array of possible crisis situations including robberies, embezzlement, data breaches, and possible violations of laws and regulations. Their high profile stature amplifies the impact of any event. Careful and planned handling of a crisis is important in protecting a financial institution’s reputation and brand image, complying with regulatory authorities, as well as ensuring that affected parties are appropriately cared for and assisted. Through more than 30+ years of experience, we have learned that first and foremost, people want information during a crisis.

Staffed by behavioral health professionals with crisis response experience and training, Black Swan Solutions offers a cost effective way to ensure that your organization’s response considers the human impact of crisis, anticipates the need to expediently disseminate accurate information, and demonstrates care and compassionfor victims and families. Our high tech and high touch services include:

  • Access to our one-of-a-kind disaster information management system (DIMS®) that combines incident management tools, virtual command center functionality, victim/family/responder database and messaging, and notification features in a single, user friendly application
  • Implementation of a system to account for employees and visitors including use of a mobile app
  • Activation of a high volume crisis call center, operational in less than 60 minutes, and staffed by trained masters prepared behavioral health professionals that can:
    • Process thousand of inquiries per hour and disseminate information to the public and individuals.
    • Collect, manage and cross reference information regarding the status of employees and visitors to continually refine injured and missing persons lists.
  • Deployment of behavioral health professionals within our network of 10,000 responders across North America who will represent the affected institution among victims and families and
    • Serve as a primary point of contact
    • Offer support and logistical assistance
  • Establish and staff a Family Assistance Center in or near the incident city to coordinate briefings with investigative and forensic authorities and provide support from the institution.
  • Provision of crisis counseling and group debriefings for employees.

Partnering with Black Swan Solutions offers financial institutions valuable turnkey services of the highest quality to ensure that the human impact of crisis is appropriately addressed within business continuity plans.