A Trusted Partner For Reputable Brands Worldwide

Black Swan Solutions serves a wide array of industries and some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Among others, we contract with financial institutions, professional sports organizations, trade associations, colleges/universities, schools, airlines and others. Learn more about the unique ways we can help your industry.

Financial Institutions

Black Swan Solutions is well-equipped to carefully handle and respond to a variety of crisis situations that are unique to financial institutions.

Insurance Carriers & Brokers

Black Swan Solutions partners with insurance carriers and brokerage firms to mitigate risk and protect reputations in crisis response management.

Sports & Entertainment Venues

Black Swan Solutions works with professional sports teams and various high profile entertainment events to provide crisis response services in the event of a disaster or critical situation.

Trade Associations

Black Swan Solutions provides services and resources that are ideal for pairing with trade or member association benefits.

Transportation Industry

Black Swan Solutions is prepared to assist the transportation industry before, during, and after a crisis. The industries include the federally mandated commercial aviation and interstate rail, as well as those not under regulatory authority such as commuter rail, busses, ferries, and cruise ships.


Black Swan Solutions assists and supports airlines in responding to and recovering from aviation disasters.

Educational Institutions

Black Swan Solutions has extensive experience working with schools, colleges, and universities and understands the unique needs of educational institutions before, during, and after a crisis.