Professional Support to Guide Your Recovery

In a crisis, balancing a compassionate response with operational requirements needed to maintain a viable business is a significant challenge. We have 30+ years of experience in helping organizations recover from all types and scales of critical incidents, including mass fatality incidents, active shooter events, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, robberies, domestic violence situations, explosions, and more. Our team of management consultation experts and crisis response professionals are adept at providing experience-based solutions that best suit the situation and your corporate culture.

We offer a full continuum of support, from management consultation to on-site support for employees, victims, and families.

Professional, On-Site Support When You Need It Most

We recommend on-site support for any crisis event that emotionally impacts people. On-site support can help normalize reactions, connect individuals with the resources they need, and identify emotional issues before they escalate.

Black Swan Solutions can provide on-site support for your organization, as well as victims and families in response to a critical event. Services include:

  • Conducting individual and group debriefings to normalize reactions and promote resilience
  • Providing management consultation centered on helping the organization transition to a “new normal” post-event
  • Offering educational presentations

To ensure an expedient response, we maintain a network of more than 10,000 responders nationwide and an additional 5,000 internationally. All of our responders are crisis response professionals with a master’s degree in behavioral health to provide the highest quality care possible.

Expert Consultation for Leaders and Managers

A crisis event is challenging for an organization’s management on many levels. Every decision made by those in the leadership roles is scrutinized by victims, families, employees, authorities, stakeholders, the media, and the public at large. While they may be struggling with their own emotional healing, managers are also tasked with supporting their staff and maintaining a sense of normalcy for their team.

Black Swan Solutions can provide expert experience-based consultation to senior leadership on addressing victims’ expectations and needs. We can also provide management consultation to support your managers and to implement effective and compassionate responses to the crisis event. While working with managers, we also maintain active communication with Human Resources to ensure that recommendations are consistent with corporate policies and culture

Normalizing Reactions to Crisis

In addition to offering consultation to senior leadership and Human Resources staff, Black Swan Solutions can conduct psycho-educational sessions for managers and supervisors that describe:

  • Physical, psychological, emotional, and cognitive effects of trauma
  • Resiliency and a wellness focused approach
  • Importance of encouraging employees to use support systems
  • Reactions of a pervasive and/or prolonged nature that may necessitate professional assistance
  • Importance of good self care throughout the healing process
  • Organizational recovery and transition to a “new normal”

Education consultation will assist in preparing your organization with the proper skills for post-crisis.


Your Reputation Is On The Line

During a crisis event, your organization will be challenged to provide the best possible response to affected individuals. Our experience has shown that individuals value reliable and timely information above all else during a crisis of any kind. The absence or the provision of information that is inaccurate or deliberately misleading can quickly damage an organization’s reputation. A recent Oxford-Metrica Study found that 83% of publically traded companies will face a crisis that will negatively affect their share price between 20% and 30% during the next five years.

We also know that in many cases, the perception of how the organization responds to the crisis is more important than the fact that the crisis occurred. Black Swan Solutions can be readily viewed as a cost-effective reputation management solution, a critical component of an organization’s crisis management plan.

Our proprietary Disaster Information Management System (DIMS) ensures that the information you receive and provide is both accurate and timely. Our expertise in behavioral science and crisis response help ensure that victims and families view your organization’s response as compassionate and meeting their needs.