Accurate Information in Real-Time

Collecting and managing information is a cornerstone to an effective response strategy. Black Swan Solutions proprietary database, Disaster Management Information System (DIMS), combines four critical emergency management components including:

Our user friendly system houses critical information during a crisis, including:

  • Lists of employees reported missing, injured or safe during a facility evacuation
  • Demographics of victims, family members and responders
  • Incident related expenditures
  • Chronological documentation of the organization’s response efforts

In addition, DIMS serves as a virtual Command Center, allowing information to be securely shared across multiple locations through a web browser. A crucial component to the DIMS database is to prepare vital information prior to a crisis. When disaster hits, this allows the database to do its job while your organization is managing other aspects of a crisis.

Innovative Technology to Account for People

In a facility evacuation, accounting for individuals is critical to first responders and organizations alike in identifying persons who are missing, injured, or safe.

Our proprietary database and mobile app provide a high-tech, simple way for organizations to account for people in real time. The system provides an accurate and useful way to identify where injured and/or missing persons are located for rescue by first responders.

Connecting You with Information and Support

During a crisis event it is useful for organizations to have a reliable means to track activities, incident information and other useful data that can help the organization effectively respond to the event and share information as appropriate.

Black Swan Solution’s Disaster Management System (DIMS), our user friendly web-based system, allows for the secure sharing across multiple locations and includes features to:

  • Create a virtual command center
  • Document chronological activity
  • Upload checklists, maps, press releases and other documents

DIMS links your organization’s emergency operations center with Black Swan Solutions through information sharing in real time.


Not Your Typical Notification System

Our unique messaging system is useful for day-to-day communications, as well as during crisis events.   Using our messaging system, organizations can:

  • Create messages on demand
  • Build templates for more expedient communication
  • Push messaging via email, text, and/or voice
  • Request acknowledgement of receipt or require a response

In an emergency situation, Black Swan Solution’s messaging system can:

  • Notify individuals of the crisis
  • Provide guidance on actions to be taken (shelter in place vs. evacuation)
  • Request that displaced employees account for their status and location so they are not identified as missing
  • Apprise the workforce of disaster recovery strategies

Additionally, the managing system benefits safety wardens or those in a comparable role. They have the ability, via a mobile app, to:

  • Quickly access their pre-assigned group to report who is missing
  • Provide details about those who still may be trapped or injured
  • Generate reports for first responders to focus their search and rescue efforts

Our system allows organizations to transmit messages to an entire population, groups, or to designated individuals. We will work with your organization to set up a database that will provide an insurance system with disaster strikes.

Managing Your Team in a Crisis

In a crisis situation, it is important to keep track of team members responsible for key functions of the response plan. Our Disaster Information Management System (DIMS) provides an easy way to manage your team, including:

  • Collecting and maintaining team member demographics
  • Identifying team members based on desired criteria (i.e. geographic location, languages spoken, etc.)
  • Assigning team members to a specific incident

Helping Those Who Are Affected

In a crisis situation, your organization will be tasked with identifying those individuals who are safe, injured, and/or missing. It will be critical that this information is obtained accurately and provided in a timely manner.

DIMS’ victim and family database features allow our clients to:

  • Collect, manage and report on potential victims, family members and responders
  • Archive unlimited data associated with multiple events
  • Track incident-related expenditures