Victims and Their Families Require Special Care

Assisting victims and their families is an often overlooked component of an effective emergency operations plan. Providing timely and accurate information to those affected is critical and will severely impact the organization’s reputation before, during, and after a crisis event.

We provide a full continuum of disaster and crisis response services including a crisis call center and on-site support to help your organization collect information, respond to inquiries, and provide compassionate assistance to those affected following a crisis.

A One-of-a-Kind Call Center for Crisis Situations

A significant crisis situation will commonly generate thousands of calls per hour. Most organizations are not prepared to respond to this volume of inquiry at any time, but especially when responding to a crisis.

Black Swan Solutions operates a stand-ready, scalable call center that can support your organization within 60 minutes of notification. Our proprietary call center represents your organization. Following a critical incident, it effectively responds to mass inquiries from family, friends, stakeholders, the media, and the public.

We staff our call center with highly trained crisis response professionals who are also masters prepared in behavioral health. This pairing of expertise is critical to maintaining the highest quality response on behalf of your organization and ensures that the most emotional of inquiries are dealt with professionally and compassionately. We strictly use staff trained by Black Swan Solutions and do not use third party call centers.

Our call center is the only one of its kind and is highly specialized to help your organization through the next crisis.

Caring and Professional Victim & Family Assistance

A crisis event with multiple injuries or fatalities requires unique services to meet the needs of those individuals affected, as well as their families and loved ones. Our Victim and Family Assistance program offers professional coordination of resources, behavioral health support, and organizational planning. On behalf of your organization, we can:

  • Coordinate family travel
  • Pair responders 1:1 with victim families to offer support and logistical assistance
  • Establish and staff a Family Assistance Center (FAC) – see below for more information
  • Provide assistance in coordinating briefings with investigative authorities, and if appropriate, private meetings with the local medical examiner or coroner
  • Plan a memorial service

For these large-scale events, we recommend establishing a Family Assistance Center (FAC). The FAC provides a central gathering place for affected families and is typically in a large hotel in or near the incident city. The goal of the FAC is to allow families to:

  • Gather as a group
  • Obtain information as verified by investigative authorities
  • Receive updates and support from the organization

Our expansive network ensures that we have in-person support where and when you need it. We maintain a network of over 10,000 responders nationwide and an additional 5,000 internationally.

Professional, On-Site Support When You Need It Most

We recommend on-site support for any crisis event that emotionally impacts people. On-site support can help normalize reactions, connect individuals with the resources they need, and identify emotional issues before they escalate.

Black Swan Solutions can provide on-site support for your organization, as well as victims and families in response to a critical event. Services include:

  • Conducting individual and group debriefings to normalize reactions and promote resilience
  • Providing management consultation centered on helping the organization transition to a “new normal” post-event.
  • Offering educational presentations

To ensure an expedient response, we maintain a network of more than 10,000 responders nationwide and an additional 5,000 internationally. All of our responders are crisis response professionals with a masters degree in behavioral health to provide the highest quality care possible.