Innovative Technology to Account for People

In a facility evacuation, accounting for individuals is critical to first responders and organizations alike in identifying persons who are missing, injured, or safe.

Our proprietary database and mobile app provide a high-tech, simple way for organizations to account for people in real time. The system provides an accurate and useful way to identify where injured and/or missing persons are located for rescue by first responders. A proper protocol is imperative to implementing a crisis evacuation process and accounting for people; Black Swan Solution’s database system can assist you in performing the appropriate action when a disaster occurs.

We Can Help Improve Your Organization’s Life Safety Plans

We have assisted numerous high profile organizations and associations in refining and testing their life safety plans. To be effective, we recommend that organizations evaluate their plans through testing and continually revise them based on lessons learned from these exercises.

Our experts can assist your organization in conducting drills or exercises for evacuation and/or shelter-in-place scenarios.


Our Messaging Can Be a Life-Saver

Having a reliable communication method during a crisis or critical incident is crucial for providing important notifications and collecting information. Our proprietary messaging system allows organizations to rapidly send text, voice, and/or email notifications.

Simple to use and effective, our messaging system can help your organization:

  • Notify individuals of a crisis
  • Provide guidance on actions to be taken (shelter in place vs. evacuation)
  • Request that displaced employees account for their status and location so they are not identified as missing
  • Apprise the workforce of disaster recovery strategies

Our messaging system is also an effective tool in accounting for people. Using our system, safety wardens or a comparable role have access to a mobile app to accurately account for a group of people within a designated assembly area.


A High Tech, User Friendly Way to Refine Life Safety Plans

Black Swan Solutions offers a proprietary mobile app that provides a high tech but simple way to improve your organization’s evacuation and shelter-in-place planning.

Immediacy is imperative to crisis management. Our mobile app allows safety wardens or a comparable role, via smart phone, to:

  • Quickly access their pre-assigned group to report who is missing
  • Provide details about those who still may be trapped or injured
  • Generate reports for first responders to focus their search and rescue efforts

Data Collection to Inform Your Response During a Crisis

Black Swan Solution’s database, Disaster Information Management System (DIMS), serves as a virtual command center in the midst of a crisis. Our system centralizes information from our mobile app and messaging system, as well as allows direct input on the status of any individual. It also includes incident management features in which key events and actions can be documented and securely shared across multiple locations.

Accessible via a web browser, the DIMS database is intuitive and user friendly.





Real Time Reporting You Can Count On

Our proprietary database, Disaster Information Management System (DIMS), provides real-time in-depth reporting to guide critical decision making. Our reporting system:

  • generates as many as 28 reports on potential victims, family members, and responders
  • tracks incident related expenditures
  • archives unlimited data associated with multiple events

Reports can be accessed via a web browser and a secure, company- specific password.